Why do we get into relationships?


So recently, I had a relationship talk with some friends and during the cause of the conversation, I understood that sometimes we don’t really know why we getting into some relationships either to be friends with someone or a lover. This got me thinking and I decided to ask Why do we even get into relationships?

For me, before getting in a relationship with someone either as a friend or a lover, definitely something had attracted me to you –there’s a feeling already, you’re brilliant {I’m sapiosexual}, beautiful in and out and also we have something in common. Keeping on a relationship could be some hard work that I know for a fact; howbeit, it could be easier if we know the reason why we are getting ourselves into one.


However, I feel some people get into relationships for the reasons I will be discussing below:

Need for companionship: Loneliness could be disheartening; there would be times when one would need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on during that crucial period, need to hear some soothing words to calm the nerve from that special person. Though we can do this with some good friends that have got listening ears like I do sometimes. Yet there is just this need to bond outside friends or family, not just physically but emotionally. People who get into relationships, for this reason, don’t like or value long distance relationships.

Life building purpose: Life gets better when there is someone you can share your future life plans, purpose and values with. They are ever ready to proffer solutions when there is a problem, give advice when necessary, caution you when going off track, there also a room for personal development, spiritual and emotional growth with them. Often times, people who make the conscious decision of getting into relationships, for this reason, would know that they can have a secured life and family with the person they are engaged with, which is a good one.

Sexual satisfaction: In this age and time, some people might decide to get into a relationship to satisfy their burning sexual urge. They can be in as many relationships as possible, with little or no commitment to one person. I feel people who engage in the kind of relationships have their reasons, either they were once heartbroken and not ready to get into a serious relationship for the moment, or want to catch ‘fun’, you know.

Financial support: For some reason best known to these set of people, they get into relationships with the aim of extorting the other person or saving up to support their standard of living or a project. This could be caused by lack of satisfaction and at the long run when the other person finds out, they feel cheated or used.

Peer and society pressure: Some people get into relationships for this cause too, maybe because their friends and people around them have partners around them and they feel left out. Social media isn’t making things any better; scrolling through a friend’s timeline on any social media platform and see how they are flaunting their love stories could make anyone go green with envy.The family pressure could also be another reason that could influence the decision too. However, all these isn’t cogent enough to think of making a hasty decision that would last a lifetime.

Other reasons could be lack of contentment, wanting to break free from a bad relationship and hastily get into one, for fame or just to be associated with that person, they wouldn’t care if the person is a cheat or doesn’t really care about them, they just want to be known with them amongst other reasons.

Howbeit, I feel it’s appropriate to state the reasons why you’re consenting to the relationship with the other person to avoid some conflicts that might spring up later in the relationship. It’s safe to say that be sure that’s the right thing to do; you are making a choice and it is the right time to make that decision.

So over to you, don’t be shy – why do you get into a relationship? I would love to hear from you. Simply hit the comment button!


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3 thoughts on “Why do we get into relationships?

  1. …sometimes I fee I don’t really need to enter one, yet the urge for it comes strong some other times. But mostly I think for purpose and companionship reasons, It is a necessity for me.


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