4 lessons learned || Procrastination

Today’s post is a bit simple and different. Though I had planned to put this up on Wednesday but for some reasons I couldn’t fathom, I kept on procrastinating till today! I know I’ve been a staunch member of the procrastinator society since who knows when. I wouldn’t say if it’s laziness or I’m just too engrossed with other things that made me push it up till today. However, I’ve been able to learn a few lessons in the process.




I have realized in the last few days that procrastination could be productivity thief; it makes one keep pushing that excellent thing till later and most times when one finally does it, it makes little or no significance. So here are some lessons I learned from procrastination:

Just start already:  Have you noticed that you pushed the thing you intend doing yesterday until today and you still did the same thing today again? So you keep pushing it till forever. Question is, when exactly do you intend carrying it out? You’ve got that brilliant business idea or initiative but you’re scared? You don’t have the capital to start? Just start already! It will get better as you continue, else you will be surprised to see someone else start the same thing right in your face if you don’t start now.

Surround yourself with good people: Most times, if there is no push, motivation or inspiration, nobody is ready to take that bold step and there’s a possibility to keep postponing. Get yourself around good friends that could give you some nudges when you’re slacking or too tired to go on, hence put off things till later. I’ve good some friends who are ready to request my head on a plate if I don’t do some things. All jokes right? Not exactly. They’d be willing to do that because they care and want to see me go places.  When you surround yourself with these kinds of people, they help you become accountable because you’re sort of ‘hypothetically’ reporting to them. Trust me, this works. You should try it out too!

Say no to negativity: Having a negative mind towards a task or an action could be obstructive. I remember when I wanted to start the blog thing, one thing kept holding me back which was ‘will people ever visit the blog, read posts or even drop comments?’ This made me keep putting it off for days, weeks and months until I finally launched sometimes last week. I tell you, there are fears but all you need do is take your minds off them, focus on the tasks at hand and JUST DO IT!

Be prepared: This is so so important. Some time ago in school, I was caught unawares by a lecturer during a test because I wasn’t prepared. The time I could have read in preparation for the impromptu test, I was procrastinating thinking there will be more time to do that and there was not. Thank goodness, I learned on time but the hard way. So, be prepared, don’t push that task or project till weekends, or till the next day. Do the needful now, later might be too late.

So that’s it, guys. Have you been procrastinating too? Is this helpful? Don’t forget to share.

Have a superb weekend.


Much love,



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