4 Life Lessons I Learned In Traffic

Apparently one doesn’t need a soothsayer to be informed that Lagos, the second populated state in Nigeria (behind Kano) with two controversial names (Lagos and Eko) is the home of the traffic jam. Each new day opens with traffic as everyone is trying to make ends meet.

Oftentimes, this rush hour is mostly on Mondays when everyone wants to get to their workplace on time to avoid being queried, and Fridays when the heart of Lagos is bubbling with events. This is also characterized by the rate at which people rush home to enjoy the rest of the weekend with their friends and loved ones.



Though being stuck in the traffic for about two to three hours on daily basis could be so mind-numbing; the passengers’ rants, hawkers persuading you to buy their wares, and the infuriated bus conductor doesn’t make things any better. Despite all these, I’ve been able to learn some lessons whilst stuck in traffic.

Here they are;

Patience: No matter where you’re rushing to, the traffic just humbles you and makes you patient. Being stuck in the traffic simply taught me that no matter where you are or heading to, you’ve got to endure. No doubt, it was a stressful day and the body has to rest but you’ve got to be tolerant too. Maybe it’s just to slow one down from the daily rush and have a rethink of where one started from.

Self-evaluation: Sometimes, being stuck in the traffic taught me to evaluate myself for the day- if I had done something worth it that day or if I was able to cover my to-do list, said or did something erroneous. Howbeit, I know I can’t change what happened that day but it helps prepare for the next day. So, you could also think about what you want to get done and how you want to act and feel throughout the next day. It’s a good time to meditate, focus on your thoughts and your future.

Mutual Support: If you’ve ever used a public transport then you can relate with this. The driver and the bus conductor are always working together. One is always calling out to the other to watch out for him if the road is cleared to get into the lane or if there is another route that could lead to their destination in time. I could relay this with having good people around you, working hand-in-hand as a team to get things done faster and easier. It could also be friends helping when you’re down, with no ideas as to get moving or even financially. This is just a typical example of the saying, “two (good) heads are better than one.”

Persistence: As much as I don’t get comfortable seeing young people especially children selling things in the traffic when they should be in school, tutorials or learning a craft or handiwork. All I see in them is the motivation, inspiration; the hustling spirit to make ends meet. One could see them see at the breaking of each day running after vehicles to get their goods sold. Really, this breaks my heart when I see them. But they never give up! So are you thinking of giving up? Think of these people and have a second thought before doing that.

However, I’ve also found out to do some productive things to while stuck in the traffic. I’ll share that in a later post. Watch out for it.

PS: A very important benefit of the traffic jam is that it affords you the opportunity of improving your trekking skills. I, for one, have trekked home from workplace once, which is about 20Km – in the rain – and it was pretty cool. You should try it sometime soon. Winks.

Now it’s your turn; have you learnt some lessons while stuck in the traffic or do you have a traffic experience you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love,



6 thoughts on “4 Life Lessons I Learned In Traffic

  1. I learned how much I value family time from being stuck in traffic. After counting the number of hours I spent commuting to work in a year, I was humbled to see I that I spent 21.6 days (520 hours) that year in the car rather than with my wife and child. Never again – I now choose a life with little/no commute. No paycheck is worth 21 days without the people I love.

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    1. Yeah right. Sometimes we spend time in the traffic more than we do with our family, maybe being stuck in the traffic is just a good time to catch up with the old times by putting a smile on their face through a voice or video call.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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