Recap for March – Expectations for April

Yay! It’s the fourth month of the year which also is the beginning of the 2nd quarter (Q2 2017). To be honest, I think this year is running too fast. Guess we need a rope tie it down to avoid it pulling a fast one on us. March was pretty good, though it seems like forever. So this article is the recap for last month and hopes for the coming months too. This is the first time I would be writing about monthly recaps, I feel it’s a good thing to start the month with.

Guess what guys? It’s my birth month. I’m super excited, I can’t just keep calm! Looking through my goals for the year and it seems like I haven’t achieved anything. But hey! I’m thankful for the gift of life – as long as I’m alive, I can achieve anything I’ve set my mind to do. The past few months of my life have been the greatest I can ever wish for yet. It might not have been the best but it’s improving each day!

Here are the expectations for April;

Even after writing a post about procrastination, could you believe I was still having little issues with procrastination? Now I have to deal with it this month! So procrastination if you’re listening I’m going to get you [Lol] because I’ve got to do better on the blog than the previous months.

My birthday is on the 28th of the month though I have no idea on how it would turn out; I just hope to catch fun that day. I want to explore some new things – did you believe I’ve never been to the beach or pool? I think this is the best time to do that.

Looking forward to a closer relationship with God to really know because that’s the best relationship one can ever have. Truly, this can’t be overemphasized. He just has a way of making everything right for those that love him.

Revisit the year’s goal and start working them out. Actually, I think the problem is that there was no timeline to these goals that’s why it has been a little bit difficult to achieve.

I’d love to complete the Francine River’s book, Scarlet Thread I’ve been reading since the beginning of this year and also get some other good books too from the same author or others [I hope Seun won’t see this].

On the blog last month, I talked about the why I can’t stop worrying about things that have already being taken care of and how to overcome it. The post about gratefulness was awesome too because we all had one or two things to be grateful for despite the economy meltdown and lastly talked about the lessons learned in the traffic.

Finally guys, this month I will be writing posts on the lessons I’ve learned in the past twenty years of my life. Wow, I’m grown-up already even if a particular friend of mine still light-heartedly say I’m still a baby [you know yourself whilst reading this *shines teeth*], I’m still a baby though but a grown one. Therefore, look forward to reading more from me this month!

How was March for you, and have you got any April plans and expectations? Don’t forget to share!

Much love,



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