Guess who’s back?

Hey awesome people!

Guess who’s back? It’s no other person but me!

How have you been? I’m so sorry I went on AWOL.

It’s been 3 weeks and four days since my last post. Believe me; it has not been easy to stay off my little space on the internet and I definitely owe you guys an apology. It has been a busy schedule coupled with the fact that I had to prepare for an exam some weeks back. But hey! I’m back now and I can’t wait to start posting again.

First off, who missed me? Ermm, I did miss everyone here and also hitting the publish button.


For the exam I had to prepare for, it was really stressful combining my 9-5 job with exam preparation. Still, I know I had to if I really want to pass. To complicate matter, the last time I wrote the exam was about 4 years ago when I wanted to get into tertiary institution and the system has changed since then.

Guess what?  I was scared however, with God and everything I was able to read within the few time I had, I scaled through the exam fears and made some good grade. Isn’t that just great? This also taught me some few lessons too and I hope to share that later on.

On the other hand, you would have noticed that I had made some adjustment on the blog, yes that’s to make it more interesting and relatable compared to the previous one.

So, I’m back now. I sincerely hope and pray that I won’t go a week without posting stuff here.

Cheers to the new month! I pray that everything will work together for our good this new month and beyond.

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Much love,




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