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Hey people!

Trust you’re having an awesome week. It’s been a great one here too.

Some weeks ago, I said I will be introducing a new series on the blog which is tagged #InspirationTuesday. This category will feature inspirational posts, quotes and stories from all around the web or the ones I will write personally. However, you might be thinking it’s the normal inspirational posts but I promise this is going to be different.

About some months ago, say last year, I can remember telling my ‘friend’ during one of our long phone conversations that I wanted to start blogging. Vividly, the first question he asked was; what kind of blogger do you want to be? I didn’t have an answer.

All I knew was, I wanted to have my little space on the internet where I could write everything that comes to mind, and everything I am learning on the journey. I wanted something that would challenge me to be on my feet often – thinking, planning, scheduling, among others. I wanted to do something new and break out of my comfort zone which I eventually did.

However, all of this didn’t come that easy.

It’s a lot of hard work.

I had given loads of excuses. So many ‘I don’ts’ and ‘what ifs’ – ranging from ‘I don’t have a name yet for the blog,’ ‘I don’t want to use WordPress,’ ‘I want my own domain name,’ ‘what if nobody reads the blog,’ ‘what if nobody drops comment on the blog,’ ‘what if i’m short of content’ etc.

All these kept flowing into my head and mind and I was like ‘babe, sorry you can’t do this!!’ (with a big fat exclamation mark).

But then, I remembered I had posted a picture of mine on Instagram sometime ago, where I had used the words ‘Do it Afraid’ from one of my influencers Funto Ibuoye. The word kept popping into my mind but I still didn’t have the courage to go ahead and start blogging for some reasons I couldn’t fathom.

Fast forward to November 2016, I was at an event tagged Upstream (an initiative for women in leadership, enterprise and ministry). After the event, I was all fired up and wanted to do everything I had planned to do. I can remember telling my friend, Seun Olagunju on our way home that she would help me work on WordPress by the following week. For some reasons, I couldn’t do that the following week as proposed.

By December 15th, I created an account on WordPress for the first time and the domain name was However, I wasn’t comfortable with the name, so I kept on praying for a name. And on my way to work on a fateful day, the name (Haven) dropped in my mind.

So why that name? I only knew I wanted a place where I could call my own, rant, talk, share and find rest or solace after the days’ hustles.

Hence I registered it.

With the help of my friend Seun, I started working on it. We worked together on the about us, contact, categories, home, fixing a lot things though I had scattered everything now and I’m yet to fix it.

The day to finally launch came, I never had it in mind to launch that day because I didn’t know what to write.

Still, I did launched.

I launched the blog on Valentine’s day after so many months of waiting, procrastinating, postponing, deleting etc.

You know, I don’t intend to bore you with this long story. Yet, I want to share some few things that could inspire you to start something you’ve been wanting to do.

As cliche as this may sound really, it’s not that easy as it seem. It’s not a piece of cake as people portray it.

Howbeit, take a deep breath and chill out before you start anything. Be sure if that’s really what you to do. If you’re not sure of taking the first faltering step, you might need to chill out first and go back to it.

Know when the time is right and this can only be revealed to you by one true person – God.

Don’t procrastinate after you know the right time. I struggled with procrastination a lot, but then I’ve come to realized that I want to give it my best that’s why I procrastinate. But then, that’s not in any way an excuse.

Do all it takes to do it – when knew I was finally going to launch that day, I stayed in the office gathering my thoughts on the post till night on Val’s day (whilst others were out chilling out with their babes and boos…lol well, that was what I wanted) because I didn’t have internet at home and I wasn’t ready to take my laptop home that day.

Don’t give up yet – This is very important.  The highest view I’ve had on the blog was the day I launched the blog. That’s enough to discourage me but hey! I have to keep going. It’s all a phase and I know it will pass.

So are you still contemplating on doing that thing you had in mind?

I bet you’re not!

By the way, I’ve noticed that I tend to write about the advice I need myself. That’s quite funny. Either ways, I hope you found it useful.

That’s it guys on this week’s InspirationTuesday. Look out for a relationship post before the end of the week (Thursday or Friday). Trust me, it’s a love story that would  interest you.

P S: I know this is quite late for today but I’m will stick with time.

Till then, be awesome!

Much love,



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