#InspirationTuesday | | 5 simple steps to facing your fears

Consequently, the inspiration behind this post was a video of Will Smith I saw some days ago on YouTube. Trust me, it’s a good piece to motivate you to work out on this beautiful Tuesday.

Will Smith visited Abu Dhabi and he was to jump off the plane for the first time in his whole life; like he has never done that before. According to him, he couldn’t sleep the night he was going to jump off the cliff of about 14,000 feet away from the ground.

You know, I have never jumped off the cliff but I can imagine so many thoughts that would be going through my mind at that time.

At some point, I’m sure I would have backed out that I wasn’t interested again even if it was something I want to do.

But I’ve come to realize that sometimes when we set our minds to reach a milestone with whatever we have in mind to do; but it’s a bit difficult to get going because some questions keeps popping up in our head.

What if I’m not good enough?

What will the world say about it?

What if I fail?

And so many other what if?

Let me tell you a short story that happened last week.

A friend gave me an assignment to write a ‘About Us’ page for him (funny enough I have for this blog but I can’t find it). But before then, I’ve been taking some lessons on copywriting and I know about content editing so this implies that I should have an idea of what to write in the ‘About us’ page for the website.

Guys, you won’t believe that I almost declined taking this assignment from him. It was not because I didn’t know what to write.

No! I felt “what if I don’t do it well” “What if it’s not good enough?” and so many other questions that kept dropping into my mind.

But then, I said it in my mind that I wasn’t going to care if I did it well or not. I was just going to give it a try – if it works well; I’m fine with it and if it’s doesn’t all the same!

Guess what? After I had done my research and was well grounded about the website, I was able to come up with a satisfying “About us” page.

I’m sure you’d have noticed that I had highlighted my MIND. Yes, the mind works in diverse ways, everything we want to do start from there.  I saw a quote somewhere (I guess on Twitter), I can’t quote it verbatim but it says “if only we know how strong how mind works, we won’t for one second think of something negative”.

If only we can start using the mind to break the negative thoughts that keeps deterring one from trying new things and stepping out of the comfort zone, then success won’t be farfetched.

Pardon the digression.

Now, let’s get back.

So how do you then start taking steps to stopping this enemy of success?  I’ll advice these few steps that worked for me

Talk to someone outside your circle of friends or even if they are your friends make sure it’s someone that can strictly advice you without mincing words or say something to impress you or make you feel like the boss.

It won’t work. Let them analyse your strengths and weakness then from there you would know how to take the next step. However, if you don’t take constructive criticism well; I wouldn’t advise you to do this because it might affect your self-esteem.

Take steps with the little you have.  I knew I wanted to write copy for websites, the first thing to do was to look out for courses online either paid or free to help me begin with the copy writing lessons.

It all begin with a step just as the adage says ‘A thousand mile begins with a step’. So don’t wait before you have everything to get started. Start taking baby steps till you get to the destination finally.

Don’t procrastinate. Just like I said here in my post about procrastination, if I know people that procrastinate, I will be the first person on the list. But then, I realized that it won’t lead anywhere, no good would come out from it.

So bit by bit, I began to drop it. Trust me; it was hard. But I still have to try hard at stopping it. Stop deferring that special thing you’ve always had in mind to do, start now! Don’t just keep making plans in your head without taking action.

Never give up, for real it’s not going to be that easy, but it’s always good to not give up.

“Good things don’t come easy” so the adage goes. The race is only for the strong and bold, it’s a journey, so brace you up!

Pray without ceasing. This can’t be over-emphasized, if you think it’s beyond your control and you can’t do it all alone; the best thing to do is to call on a greater power which is GOD.

He can fix everything, trust me on this. All you need do is ask.

Conclusively,  I will leave you with Will Smith’s final words in the video:

“After jumping off the plane, you realize in one second it’s the most blissful experience of your life.

There’s zero fear. You realize that point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear

So what do you need the fear for?

The best thing in life is on the other side of terror, on the other side of maximum fear, are all of the best things of life.”

So that’s it guys on today’s #InspirationTuesday.

P.S: This should have been up before now, but one way or the other everything I typed got missing on my dashboard. I had to write some things all over again, so sad 😭. But hey, we have to keep going remember? That’s right!

P.P.S : I’m sorry if you were not able to read this yesterday, it was an error from my WordPress account.

Keep shining!

Much love,




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