On Self Acceptance || Why you should be real with yourself

Hello people!

How have you been?

For some weeks now, I’ve been blasting Simi’s latest album. By now, I’m sure you know I like music so a day won’t go by without listening to this album and also because I love Simi! Somebody please tell her on my behalf.😉

However, while listening to this album I paid attention to the lyrics of a particular song – Original baby.  I was struck by the words of that exceptional song because most of it is actually true and it’s what the general public is preaching today.

So guys, I’ll be sharing that with you.

In our society today, almost everyone wants to be someone else; eat, talk, dress, walk, dance, post things on social media alike which is not a bad thing. But the problem is when we began forgetting our originality, leaving out the fact that we are perfect and unique just the way they are.

Most people tend to change themselves to either please other people or make them seem like a different person; they put on a façade on the real person they are. However, people fail to understand that everybody has their flaws and this imperfection has fashioned them into the real person they are.

 “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Undoubtedly, there might be circumstances that may push one into becoming or imitating someone else. Yet, this shouldn’t propel us to leave out the true essence of who we just are because they receive the praise; or they are complimented because they are pretty, intelligent, witty, making wave on social media and all.

Guys, this is also to tell say that you don’t have to force someone to love you just the way you are. It is either they take you as you are (with your imperfections) or leave. Period.

In spite of that, I know that coming to this particular point in life might where you  accept yourself just the way you are and not get bothered about what people say  might be difficult because I had struggled with it in the past but it is doable. All you need do is take your mind off people’s comments and thoughts because really their opinion about your life doesn’t matter.

Let me share my story about this….

Early this year, I was at a place for an assignment where I met a popular media personality. I walked up to her to ask if she could do some things with the company I work with (First off, that was a wrong move. I should have spoken to her manager or something). She speaks with British accent then I noticed that when I responded to her questions, I was trying to fake it too after which I was eventually bounced 😢

I’m sure I never meant to fake in speaking with British accent but I did anyway because I wanted to impress her like “Yo! I speak good English too”. Certainly, the look on her face was “what’s wrong with you”? But really what’s the stress?  I mean, why should I want to change or modify my accent to impress her. You don’t have to impress anyone to earn their acceptance; make an impression on yourself first and you would be surprised with what happens next. You’ll be respected.

See ehn,  nobody is perfect. Everybody has their flaws that can’t be denied and that makes them different from other people. Our differences, inadequacies makes us who we really are and nobody’s perspective matter. And like  Bernard M. Baruch once said “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

However,  all of this still boils down to how much you love yourself! If you love yourself, you would feel enough without trying to become some else; you would feel perfect in you and you alone. Just so you know, the happiness and joy that comes with self-love and acceptance is immeasurable.

On this note, I will leave you with some words I picked from the song. It goes thus;

‘Wherever you go be yourself,

You can never be somebody else, 

 Whatever you do better be true, no matter the price just be yourself’.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Much love,




6 thoughts on “On Self Acceptance || Why you should be real with yourself

  1. “that you don’t have to force someone to love you just the way you are. It is either they take you as you are (with your imperfections) or leave. Period”. This is my favourite part. Thank you, Lara Oseni.

    May God keep increasing you in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

    Your friend,


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